Sky Rail™

The seamless integration of a Sky Rail™ and a Sky Trail® or Sky Tykes® aerial attraction results in delighted guests and owners alike.

Not only will participants be enthralled by a smooth ride on the Sky Rail™ amongst an adventurous Sky Trail®, but owners will essentially possess a thrilling combination of 2 attractions thus maximizing their revenue potential.

Younger children are able to enjoy the Sky Rail™ on the Sky Tykes® much like older participants on a Sky Trail® as the element itself operates in the same manner but on a smaller scale to provide a safe and fun experience.




Capable of being added to a Sky Trail® of any level, the straight track Sky Rail™ provides participants with a smooth, direct ride from one end of the attraction to the other.

Whether multiple are installed or just one, this traditional model is designed to give anyone who chooses to ride a feeling and experience they’ll want to repeat!



The curved Sky Rail™ track allows for a longer ride in a smaller amount of space and gives participants a unique twist when compared to a ride on a similar attraction.

An ideal choice for facilities with limited space allowance that still want to maximize the experience for guests of all ages.



Taking the curved track option to a whole new level, the 180° Sky Rail™ is bound to command attention from onlookers as well as delight participants who ride it due to its dramatic size and shape.

Intended for Sky Trail® attractions that are at least 2 levels high, the 180° model is perfect for businesses wanting to make a visual statement and grant participants with a unique ride unlike any other.


2 types of decelerator systems available for a Sky Trail® Sky Rail™ attraction


A mechanical Sky Rail™ is equipped with a decelerator system which uses magnetic eddy currents to slow participants before landing. A trained course operator is required at the Sky Rail™ take off platform to instruct and facilitate the loading of participants to enter the Sky Rail™ track.

The Sky Tykes® Sky Rail™ uses a friction decelerator and safety gate, which provides an easy and safe method for children.


An electronic Sky Rail™ is equipped with a decelerator system which uses a series of electronic sensors, gates and magnetic eddy currents to operate. This decelerator system requires a 120v 10amp electrical connection at the base of the Sky Rail™ column. A participant cannot enter the Sky Rail™ until the previous participant is clear and the automated system resets itself. A trained course operator is not required to load participants into the Sky Rail™ track.